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Pursuing Engineering in Computer Science.

Android | Web-App | Photography

A Little about me

I am Dharaneeshwar, a student and a software developer who can build Websites and Android apps. I can work on a variety of tech stacks.

I have worked on multiple projects, both personal and with a group. I consider myself to be an organised person when it comes to project management and team organisation.
I have experience of driving people from "It's not for me" to "I just love it".

When it comes to my hobbies, I won't call myself a photographer, but saying I take good photos would be a safe bet.

Here is my latest resume online.

ProjectsThat I'm Proud of.

Top Nine

This project is based on web-scrapping and is capable of searching keywords online and can get the top 9 results from the web and shows them in a nice template. It also has a custom version of the website without adverts in a nice looking template.

Ur Converter

This is a simple Android App that allows users to do conversions based on temperature, distance and time. This also has an intuitive UI that is easier to use for anyone.

The next Startup

This is an Android app that was built by having the real startup use-cases in mind. The project has an admin option to upload post to the feed and enabling replying to customer queries within the app. This also features a Profile page for individual customers.

Covid-19 Hackathon (Web)

This is a Web app built for the Covid-19 National Bio-Informatics Online Hackathon for Full Stackers.

Covid-19 Hackathon (App)

This is an Android app built for the Covid-19 National Bio-Informatics Online Hackathon for Full Stackers.

Sorting Visualizer

This Web app can visually show the pattern of a variety of popular sorting algorithms. (Under production)

Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming

I keep my Programming skills fresh with a few online platforms. Here are my profiles in Skillrack and LeetCode.

Certificates and Achievements

Contact Me

Contact Me

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